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“It was fun but before I knew it, I was negotiating better.”  


Erich Rifenburgh

For more than fifteen years, Erich led negotiations from the front line with some of the world’s largest technology companies. He and his sales teams closed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of deals using the same structured preparation process that he teaches today.

Erich holds two MBA diplomas in international business, from both the University of South Carolina and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. After graduate school, he spent several years living and working in Europe for Emerson Network Power. He learned a second language, traveled extensively, and collaborated with major players in the telecom infrastructure market.

Emerson sent him to an Executive program in International Management hosted by Stanford University, and the National University of Singapore.  There he gained an understanding of how business gets done in Asia. This knowledge was put to work over eight years working in Malaysia, China, and Singapore.

Erich has gained valuable insights on how to create value, regain and maintain the upper hand while fostering collaborative relationships. He doesn’t rely on theoretical approaches to his client’s challenges; instead, he uses his real-world experience and the associated lessons to help his clients maximize the outcome of their negotiations.

After years crisscrossing the globe working for others, Erich now works directly with select clients who want access to his practical negotiation experience.

Erich combines negotiation theory, real-world stories, and thought-provoking simulation to solve clients’ biggest negotiation challenges, and to effectively train their teams.  You will discover strengths and weaknesses, understand your behavior and go into your next negotiation prepared, relaxed, and in control.