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Updated: 13 Nov 2020

Negotiation Deal Consultancy Services

The Negotiation Experts support clients after the delivery of training. We do this in two ways:

  1. Deal consultancy services either side by side with clients or limited to the preparation cycle.
  2. Leveraging upon the success of our negotiation training courses,we collaborate with clients on their using our toolsets and techniques taught from afar, through coaching managers on how they can inspect and audit their teams, as well as through team discussions and team meetings.

We welcome your calling or emailing a Negotiation Expert to discuss without commitment or charge how we may benefit your company.

Negotiation Deal Preparation

The Negotiation Experts place a strong emphasis on the negotiation deal preparation phase in which we work with clients sales, procurement and other departments in thoroughly analyzing the commercial business opportunities, identifying and understanding the challenges, needs, positions and interests of buyers and sellers. Using our comprehensive Value Creation Framework™ as a roadmap, we’re able to assist clients in navigating through their commercial deal complexities no matter how challenging, large, risky, and whether in new markets or involving new products or services.

Strategic Planning Services

In the strategic planning consultancy phase we assist clients in developing a commercial negotiating strategy by assessing objectives, priorities, mandates and contingency options as well as those of the other side, whether sales or procurement. We analyze both party’s strengths and weaknesses, the relative power balance between them and the possibility of power-building where appropriate having regard, at all times, to the relationship between the parties and the opportunity to add bottom line profit and value to the negotiation wherever possible.

Team Negotiation

Where large or complex deals require team preparation or team negotiation – our Negotiation Experts advise clients on the composition, structuring, roles and coordination of their negotiation team. A popular negotiation training choice is role play training using custom written case studies designed to mirror the upcoming deal. Advanced split screen mobile video services technology is often used in the review of this video to provide immediate expert and personal feedback to all our clients’ negotiators.

Competitive Advantage from Negotiation

We work with the most progressive organisations in planning how to create and maintain negotiation as a negotiation capability to achieve a competitive advantage in their company’s industry. By putting in place the most appropriate reward and support structures, knowledge management, feedback and self-learning systems, a sustained commercial competitive advantage can be enjoyed. We always advise our clients on how to best reduce our clients need for our negotiation deal consultancy and training services.

Sales departments

Our clients’ sales departments have leveraged our negotiation consultancy services to increase revenue and margin through:

  • higher revenue per sale, including less discounting
  • more unit sales
  • longer term contracts and exclusive supply contracts
  • higher margin per unit or service sold
  • increasing market share by winning share from the competition or growing the market
  • higher sales conversion ratios

Procurement departments

Our client’s procurement departments have leveraged our negotiation consultancy services to enjoy reduced costs and increased value add through:

  • lower cost purchases
  • increased levels or improved services at the same cost
  • increased productivity via a variety of supplier value added services and improved materials
  • optimal strategic relationships that lead to successful long term cost reduction programs