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Negotiation Services

Our Approach

We have collaborated with clients to develop and evolve the world's most comprehensive negotiation framework. Our Value Creation Framework™ (VCF™) is relied upon for success in commercial negotiations of all sizes, ranging up to mega deals of great complexity and risk that spans many countries, cultures, industries and months. Our VCF™ is strategy led, and underpinned by processes, innovative tools and technologies in interpersonal influence. The VCF™ is modular in construction and therefore allows us to tailor our negotiation training solutions to your needs, using our Client Collaboration Approach.The Negotiation Experts together is a negotiation services solution provider. Our Negotiation Experts bring with them a broad variety of negotiation experience from many industries and departmentals. Our approch is guided by our Value Creation Framework™ (VCF™). Our empirically proven VCF™ grew from our frustration with the interpersonally focused and overly simplistic approaches being advocated by most training companies, and the dry academic theory biased models and training.

Our Vision:

To enhance the field of commercial negotiation through our Value Creation Framework. To create competitive advantage and greater profitability for our clients through the skilled application of our Value Creation Framework.

Our Mission:

Guide clients in building a competitive advantage, through instilling a value creating negotiation capability.

Our Client Collaboration Approach

Clients trust our 5 phase Client Collaboration Approach for the creation of their in-house training solutions. Stage 1: Requirements Definition Following our initial discussions, a Company Key will be created for the your delegates in order that they may complete our online Negotiation Diagnostic Profile™. One of the positive effects of this is the engendering of a sens...

Value Creation Framework

We owe a debt of gratitude to our clients for generously sharing their feedback over the years on our Negotiation Value Creation Framework™ and supporting toolsets. Without our clients’ collaboration in refining and proving the value of our strategies, tool-sets, and processes in the tough and tempered world of their commercial negotiations, our Value Creation Framework...

Online Negotiation Training Sim Game

Whether delivered online or in their offices, most clients ask to use our world first Negotiation Simuation plaform on their courses. We've gamified negotiation role plays to give negotiators unique insights into their deal making performance. The Negotiation Sim games can be deployed as part of your classroom negotiation training, or as a brief online intervention deliver...

Facilitated Video Review

Our video reviews have destroyed our Negotiation Experts' egos. Why? No matter how captivating our slides or crafted our words, our facilitated video reviews still win our clients' highest praise. How often have you walked away from a negotiation wondering: “How could I have done even better?” or “What did I miss?” or “Why was that so tough?” or “Why...

Negotiation Diagnostic Profiling

Would you find it useful to gauge your team or company's areas of negotiation strength and weakness? We will identify whether your group is homogeneous, or if their level of skills vary greatly. We also seek to find out what is already working well and how the group differs in their profile of deals. What do you stand to gain by having us diagnose your team or company's ne...

Negotiation Deal Consultancy Services

The Negotiation Experts support clients after the delivery of training. We do this in two ways: Deal consultancy services either side by side with clients or limited to the preparation cycle. Leveraging upon the success of our negotiation training courses,we collaborate with clients on their using our toolsets and techniques taught from afar, through coaching managers...

Negotiation Cornerstones

Two day foundation negotiation skills. Build confidence and competence.

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"Good pace, and balance between lecture and activity to solidify lessons. A good reminder of our last training. I have employed the techniques recently; especially BATNA and trading. Good engagement with the students. The case study was fun and interactive. Overall it was time well spent and certainly helped the team focus on improving our negotiating


Advanced Negotiation Training

In-depth personalised expert video feedback. Negotiate complex role plays.

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"Video review and role plays were great. Exciting, new and existing ways of growing business and develop better processes. Review of videos was invaluable. Reinforcing key information whilst building good ground. Stories to support brought the theory to life and gave confidence that the theory works. Practicing and the case studies were great.


Sales Negotiation Training

Close more deals at higher Revenue & Margins. Tool-sets to keep control.

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"The training was excellent and is being used on a regular basis and broadly across the team. Trading Plans have become common, though not always done with the thoroughness that they should be. I've also seen us establish relationship goals, particularly in challenging negotiations, spend more time preparing and debriefing, and use our Business


Contract Negotiation Training

Contract negotiation skills for buyers. Achieve big savings & create value.

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"After the training, we did more preparation before negotiations, and also now do more analysis on ourselves. We've improved our negotiation efficiency, and also achieved better results, e.g, we have got more cost saving in Q4 & Q1 quarterly price negotiation meetings! There was a lot of share so the participants can understand in practical. There were a