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Updated: 7 Sep 2018

Negotiation Sim Role Play

Unique Learning Opportunity

Time required: under 2.5 to 3.5 hours

Why did we create a learning opportunity with hardly any theory? Most learning happens when you're actively negotiating. So in this unique global first, you'll use our Negotiation Sim to score maximum points negotiating with a (human) counterpart. The only negotiation theory we'll share will be directly relevant to negotiators' results and behaviour. Graphical reports will show in your review which were your best offers, where you maximised value and where you left gold on the negotiation table.

It doesn't matter whether you've trained with another negotiation provider or never taken a negotiation course, bring your 'A' negotiation game to see how well your score while learning.
Warning! Our Negotiation Sims are fun and addictive.

Course Overview

This is by far our most practical training, and we believe the most practical negotiation skills training you can find. Get paired up and negotiate your way through two negotiation role plays using our world first Negotiation Sim. We focus most of our time together negotiating, followed by reviewing, with a minimum of theory from a few slides. The first warm-up Negotiation Sim will be relatively straight forward to navigate. The second sim is complex offering more lessons.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to maximise commercial value.
  • Understand the differences between win-win, win-lose and lose-lose.
  • Exchange necessary information, including using questions.
  • Evaluate trade-offs, including financial vs. non-financial goals.
  • Handle complexity, including multi-goal package offers.
  • Gain experience negotiating via the phone, video conference or chat.
  • Employ various negotiation styles, such as competing and collaborating.
  • Identify your negotiation strengths and weaknesses, while gaining valuable practice in a safe learning environment.
  • Gain experience negotiating with different styles and often different cultures.

Our Approach

After being paired up with a counterpart in a private online room, you'll read your confidential instructions and prepare. You'll make and receive offers using our online Negotiation Sim, all the while discussing using voice and if you like chat to reach an agreement. Once you reach agreement, review your scored graphs together with your counterpart, offering each other feedback. Rejoin the rest of the group to review graphs to take lessons from your Negotiation Expert facilitator. Did you achieve a win-win or a win-lose? Some slides may be shared before you start on your second complex Negotiation Sim, where you'll repeat the above steps.

Who's This For?

Whether or not you've already taken negotiation training, our Negotiation Sim Role Play is your fastest route to gaining valuable insights and confidence while navigating your way through a true to life commercial negotiation role play. Role plays range from simple single negotiator to the more complex team negotiations.


  • Brief introduction on how to use the Negotiation Sim.
  • Negotiators' prepare and negotiate a simple Sim.
  • Review scored graphs with counterpart.
  • Review graphs in group with a Negotiation Expert.
  • Discuss lessons including a few pertinent training slides.
  • Repeat the above for a second complex Negotiation Sim.

Delivery options

  • Delivery is typically conducted online, no matter where you or your team are located. Either public access or tailored for in-house.
  • In your office with a Negotiation Expert facilitating, as a stand-alone or follow up refresher.

Gain insights into your strengths and learning opportunities through this practical world first enjoyable learning platform. CALL US or choose your PUBLIC or IN-HOUSE TRAINING now.

Gain insights into your strengths and learning opportunities through this practical world first enjoyable learning platform. CALL US or choose your PUBLIC or IN-HOUSE TRAINING now.