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Updated: 14 Jan 2020

Contract Negotiation Training

Why take this Contract Negotiation Course?

It's becoming increasingly difficult to achieve cost savings and add value. This training saves those on the buying side from losing money and choosing the wrong vendors. You will also be equipped to more confidently take control by negotiating internally with colleagues or stakeholders.

Most of our Procurement Negotiation graduates come to us with only on the job training, having had to sink or float in negotiations by their own wits. We've created this unique training to arm purchasers with our best practice value creating strategies, tool-sets, processes, tactical counters, influencing and persuasion skills, team roles, preparation and planning skills needed to consistently achieve outstanding deals.

Purchasing clients tell us that half their battle is internal or negotiation with stakeholders. These includes being avoided or involved too late to make a big enough impact, to giving away vital commercial information to vendors. While you're unlikely to win every stakeholder over, most graduates are surprised and thrilled when they're asked to lead more negotiations and when their advice is sought out. You'll also loosen the advantage often enjoyed by existing or incumbent suppliers to have stakeholders consider new vendors.

The advantages you'll learn to leverage in supplier or vendor negotiations include:

  • Neutralising the sellers' deeper market, product and services advantage.
  • Gain the skills necessary to negate the advantage sellers typically enjoy from having received more training over the years.
  • Leverage your internal stakeholders knowledge through effective collaborative preparation and your earlier involvement.
  • Use time to your advantage, preventing suppliers from using deadlines against you.
  • Reduce the advantages enjoyed by single or sole suppliers.

Training Course Overview

On our public courses you'll enjoy the diversity of other participants from different departments, industries, and cultures. We usually combine this contract negotiation training with our Sales Negotiation Training, so you'll be negotiating against sales professionals. You'll get to negotiate realistic buyer-seller commercial role plays, some using our world first Negotiation Sim.

We collaborate with clients to customise before delivering in-house, typically in our clients' offices. Tailoring includes choosing which modules and the depth of coverage, profile and role play choices, customisation of case studies, and many more options. To find out more, take our in-house training customizer for a spin.

Key Seminar Outcomes

  • Conceding fewer and smaller price escalations.
  • Understanding the biggest motivators of vendors and stakeholders, and creating more value and making optimal trades.
  • Achieving cost savings and other initiatives (e.g. innovation, quality and better services) by claiming more value.
  • Navigating the most complex of deals through our proven processes and framework, trusting your new supporting tools.
  • The ability to move relationships between Competitive and Collaborative.
  • Winning more 'yeses' after mastering influence and persuasion techniques without having to give anything in return.
  • Achieve your goals through controlling your meeting agenda.
  • Asking questions in the right sequence to unlock the information you need.
  • Learning from your Negotiation Styles profile report plus individual and group Negotiation Diagnostic to pinpoint your greatest learning opportunities.
  • Leveraging profiling to choose the best approach that maximises your success with stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Handle challenging objections confidently using conversational reframes.
  • Expand the value pie, and claim the biggest portion utilising our Trading Plan template plus techniques from our Methodology.
  • Maximising your negotiation power.
  • Personalised coaching feedback from a Negotiation Expert using a split screen (only classroom delivery).
  • Make performance improvements in your body language and words, getting much better at reading others (classroom delivery only).
  • Deepening trusting and rapport, including across cultures.
  • Review all your negotiations to learn what you did well and where you can improve.
  • Reduce stress and boost your confidence, knowing you've used our tools and more effectively to prepare.
  • Coordinating team roles, and leading a team through preparation and engagement negotiation phases, both internally and supplier facing.
  • Noticing when suppliers and stakeholders are using tactics on you, gaining skills in neutralizing tactics while maintaining relationships.
  • Being trusted to lead negotiations, with stakeholders supporting you more and giving away vital information to suppliers less often.

Seminar Agenda

  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Price Negotiation Role Play
  • Best Practices Debrief
  • Negotiation Styles Role Play
  • Negotiation Styles Profile Reports
  • Buyer Competition vs. Collaboration
  • Persuasion: Compliance
  • Questioning
  • Role Play Exercise & Debrief
  • Climate
  • Daily Recap
  • SWOT, Trading Plan & Agenda Control
  • Role Play - Point Scored Sim
  • Re-framing Supplier Objections & Exercise
  • Manipulative Tactics & Role Play
  • Complex Team Based Role Play
  • Feedback: Split Screen Video or Sim Graphs
  • Daily Recap
  • Framing & Controlling Meetings
  • Role Play & Debrief
  • Value Creation Framework
  • Supply Chain & Strategy
  • Complex Team Based Role Play
  • Feedback: Split Screen Video or Sim Graphs

Training Course Approach

This contract negotiation training is highly experiential. We start with individual one on one buyer-seller negotiations of increasing complexity, and progress negotiators into team based purchasing negotiation role plays. Case studies and procurement role play simulations are used throughout the training. Advanced video technology permits personalised feedback immediately after negotiations, making for a high impact learning experience that changes behaviour (classroom only).

All contract negotiations and exercises are debriefed, with all procurement participants being invited to bring their own contract negotiation challenges into the training room to be discussed and solved. It’s our belief that our blend of experiential learning methods plays an important part in the longer term results enjoyed by our clients.

Our delivery style is highly interactive and entertaining, keeping energy levels high. Each module builds upon those you've already learned. All online profiles will be completed prior to the training course. All your reports will be brought to the training and emailed. Feedback can be right brained such as persuasion techniques, or left brained such as tool-sets.

Who's This Seminar For?

Procurement Negotiation graduates typically have the following job titles: Procurement Managers, Purchasing Managers, Procurement Buyers, Contract Managers, Senior Buyers, Buying Managers, Buying Officers, Category Managers, Sourcing Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Tendering Managers, Procurement Officers, Materials Managers, Purchasing Agents, Chief Procurement Officers, Director of Operations, Procurement Analysts. Senior Buyers, Procurement Specialists, and everyone involved in initiatives to deliver savings or value from the purchase of goods, supplies, equipment, ideas, services and managing project spend.

Seminar Delivery Options

  • Online, no matter where you or your team are located. Either public access or tailored for in-house.
  • In your office, with a Negotiation Expert facilitating.

Join thousands of purchasing peers in achieving outstanding value and savings results, earn greater recognition & respect soon after graduating. CALL US or choose your PUBLIC or IN-HOUSE TRAINING now.

Join thousands of purchasing peers in achieving outstanding value and savings results, earn greater recognition & respect soon after graduating. CALL US or choose your PUBLIC or IN-HOUSE TRAINING now.