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Advanced Negotiation Training

Admission into our Advanced Negotiation Training requires that you be an experienced negotiator, or have graduated from one of our other negotiation courses. We will assess your negotiation experience via our online Negotiation Diagnostic Profile and / or a telephonic interview.

The Right Course For You?

Veteran negotiators are tired of attending refresher courses, and instead need to take their negotiation skills and results they earn to the next level. Advanced Negotiators face more complexity in their deals. How many of the following do you and your team face?

  • More time required, to both prepare for and reach agreement. Often made worse by tight deadlines and other important distracting responsibilities.
  • Team negotiations, where team members don't share the same priorities or KPI's, and sometimes even don't share the same outcomes.
  • Stakeholders on all sides of the table, both seen and hidden, all demanding to be satisfied.
  • Many moving parts, including products and services, often interconnected, and sometimes negotiated separately.
  • Competitive style of negotiation, with more competing goals than shared.
  • Narrow overlap between walk away positions, often made worse by unrealistic aspirations.
  • Interdependencies between negotiables or goals; demanding that you use tools to both understand the relationships between and packaging of offers.
  • Higher risk, where a bad decision ripples straight to the bottom line and affects strategy, and perhaps viability or sustainability. Often leaders tell negotiators that they 'must' agree these deals.
  • An imbalance of power, often distorted by political motives.
  • Bigger deals, with more kudos and reputation on the line.

What our clients are saying

We take a close interest in keeping in touch with our clients months and even years after graduating from our Advanced Negotiation Training. When we asked our graduates what they found to be most valuable in their business negotiations from our course, this is what we repeatedly hear them say:

  • The toolsets are proving instrumental in navigating through the bigger complex deals, and figuring out how to package together bundles of offers that increase our value and win 'yes' responses.
  • Controlling meetings by using framing, the agenda, sequencing, questioning and the discipline of our team roles.
  • Gaining much more alignment in my team's goals and objectives, and across departments.
  • Coaching and training my team to negotiate better on their own and in teams, freeing me up with fewer emergencies and fires for me to put out.
  • Leading and effectively coordinating my negotiation team, knowing our roles and how to maximise performance from all eyes and ears in the room.
  • Not only understanding how to get the other side to reveal their goals faster, but learning how to gain leverage from knowing their prioritisation of goals.
  • Becoming aware of my non-verbal 'leaks' or 'gives' that were giving away my position or true emotion.
  • The personalised feedback from a real expert in the video playback sessions was invaluable. I could see my improvements in each negotiation on the DVD after the course.
  • My eyes and ears are much better trained in decoding the other side's body language, especially knowing when they're bluffing about their walk away.
  • Handling tough competitive negotiators by either subtly making the atmosphere more collaborative, or skilfully trading and noticing their areas of weakness.
  • Figuring out who has more power, and when I'm at a disadvantage. Knowing where and how to gain more leverage.
  • Retaining and growing our share in an increasingly commoditised market through more effective preparation.
  • The feeling of confidence in knowing that we've prepared effectively, and being complimented on being more professional.
  • Closer relationships and trust, resulting in more value being created and much shorter deal cycles.
  • Persuasion and influencing science is powerful in winning agreement without having to change my proposal.
  • Knowing much sooner when we need to walk away from unattractive deals.
  • Consciously flexing my negotiation style now to fit each situation, rather than using my old 'one size fits all' approach.
  • The tactics lessons and ebook have opened my eyes to the subtle ways we were losing value, the bleeding has now stopped.
  • The Trading Plan has proven to be an invaluable tool in maximising profitability across our more complex deals.
  • Capturing most of the value we created.
  • Using their tough objections as opportunities to pivot meetings and keep control.
  • Changing our habits from relying on courses to now capturing lessons learned from most negotiation meetings, and using stories to share more knowledge across teams.
  • Using personality profiling to understand how to tailor my messaging and when choosing team roles.
  • Adapting my approach and communication better across cultures and with different personality types.
  • Feeling much less stressed now that I agree my biggest goals earlier in most meetings.
  • The increasing complexity of role plays provided the perfect learning opportunity to stretch myself by taking risks, gaining more experience and receiving expert feedback to know where I need to improve, and seeing myself making these improvement in each video analysis session.
  • The scored online assessment was a useful reminder, and the feedback to the questions I didn't score 100% on has filled in my knowledge gaps.
  • Since I'm measured and rewarded on my results, I wouldn't have been able to achieve my promotions and increased responsibility without your course, thank you.

We draw from the most comprehensive advanced commercial negotiation framework, our best practice Value Creation Framework, in sharing these training goals with you:

  • Enjoy above average to exceptional negotiated results, consistently.
  • Be in charge of your continued growth and learning as a negotiator. Negotiators are not born, negotiators are made.
  • Persuade, influence and negotiate successfully with your leaders, stakeholders, clients, vendors, colleagues and others. The higher up the ranks you are promoted, the more indispensable these skills become for your continued success.
  • Enjoy feeling confident knowing you've prepared effectively, and have the experience necessary to achieve the best deal.

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