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Updated: 22 Jul 2024

Negotiation Training Classes

Graduates from our negotiation training classes report that they easily surpass their pre-training expectations. We’ll make your goals and blindspots clear by first inviting you to complete our diagnostic profile. Some confess at the start of our training classes that negotiating leaves them feeling stressed out. They graduate feeling confident, and eager to tackle their next negotiation. You’re likely to feel a little overloaded, there’s a lot to learn in our negotiation seminars. For on-site negotiation training, we diagnose our clients’ skill needs upfront to ensure that we only deliver those modules which will make the highest impact to their business.

Sales Negotiation Training
Confidently close more big ticket deals in less time at higher margins.
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Procurement Negotiation Training
Maximize cost savings, and agree better terms. Use leverage to create and claim more value.
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Essential Negotiator
Learn business negotiation best practices. Acquire tools to feel confident in your preparation.
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Negotiation Simulation Game
Brief and high impact. Navigate true to life sim games. Grow from detailed feedback on your performance.
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Advanced Negotiation Training
Master complex and large deals, including teamwork. Learn how to keep control and persuade.
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Project Management
We've been delivering our Project Management Negotiation Training to clients for decades. Soon to be published here.
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Client Testimonial

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Brent Vick Director of Global Sales Excellence testimonial-logo-mobile
We exceeded our revenue & margin goals

Negotiation Training Courses

Most training providers will claim to customize their solutions. This leaves is to you to ask exactly how they customize. We’re proud to offer the most customizable online facilitator-led sales negotiation skills training.

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Graduate Interviews

Meet the Experts

Our Negotiation Experts are passionate about delivering top and bottom line results to your organization. All are experienced in training sales teams across a variety of countries and industries.

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