Negotiation Training Courses

Our clients have one thing in common: dramatically improved bottom line profits from improved negotiating competency. How do our clients achieve this?

Our Unique Training Approach

  • We focus on servicing clients in commercial, profit motivated B2B organisations within our niches of Sales Negotiations, Procurement Negotiations, Advanced Negotiation Training, with a foundation Negotiation Cornerstones.
  • Negotiation Diagnostic Profile™ administered to participants, discussing the reports with leaders to ensure our training addresses your negotiation needs.
  • World's most advanced and practical negotiation framework/methodology, our proven Value Creation Framework. Modular in construction, we choose only those modules that we have identified will give your team maximum leverage. Incorporating the complete range of actionable negotiation strategies, processes, persuasion and influencing techniques, tactical counters and actionable toolsets.
  • Personalised and high-impact video feedback from a Negotiation Expert, using two-camera advanced split screen technology reviewed on the big screen.
  • Post training DVD of your recorded negotiations, supporting your post training review.
  • On-line scored assessment with both individual graduate and leadership team reports three months after graduation to reinforce the lessons, fill in knowledge gaps and reveal to leaders and managers which modules your negotiators need further coaching on.
  • Majority of time invested in negotiation role plays that progress from individual to complex team based, including innovative point scoring. Creating customised role plays from the ground up to tackle our clients' current core commercial opportunities and challenges.
  • Psychometric and negotiation style profiles that alert you to your blindspots, strengths and team roles.
  • Global delivery capability, with adaptations to local cultures.
  • Post training deal support coaching services, for your more complex, challenging or mission critical negotiations.
  • A highly experienced international Negotiation Expert facilitating your training delivery, not a generalist trainer.

Our Negotiation Consulting Services either support training, or are taken up by clients as a stand-alone service. Our Negotiation Expert Consultants are scattered worldwide, comprising some of the most respected leaders in the sales and negotiation training and consulting arena worldwide.

The Negotiation Experts has a proud track record of consulting and negotiation training course interventions with a vast range of cross cultural success through a range of multi faceted industries. Our negotiation training delivery capability spans the globe, with Negotiation Experts flying into countries where we don't yet have an office. We adopt a highly flexible training approach when designing the optimal solution for our clients, and have significant experience in supporting complex, multi-party, multi-cultural negotiating engagements using our unique Value Creation Framework as the basis of our engagement model.


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