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About this Sales Negotiation Course

The global commercial landscape has ramped up both competition and complexity, placing tremendous pressure on sellers' market share, service terms, pricing and margins. Increased commoditisation is also here to stay. Our Sales Negotiation Training turns the tide by allowing you to come through on your strategy and hit targets, while strengthening your key relationships.

While many clients come to us having received sales training, very few are equipped with best practice sales negotiation training. It's not enough to deliver an outstanding sales negotiation training, you need effective reinforcement post graduation. Graduates complete an assessment several months post graduation, plus negotiate again with each other using our popular short online Negotiation Sim.

Our unique sales negotiation training was created to arm professional salespeople with tool-sets, processes, best practice strategies that maximise value creation, team roles, persuasion and influencing skills, tactical counters, planning and preparation skills necessary to consistently agree outstanding deals.

Excellent content. New and immediate tools. Informality, flexibility and ideas for further exploration - all good. I liked the fast pace and, in particular...

Course Overview

Our public courses will pair you with participants from other countries, industries and departments. For our public courses, we typically combine this sales negotiation training with our Procurement Negotiation Training, which means you can look forward to pitting yourself against professional buyers. You'll navigate your way through various realistic seller-buyer commercial role play exercises, some delivered using our cutting-edge Negotiation Sim.

For our in-house training, we work shoulder to shoulder with clients customising solutions. Delivery typically takes place in clients' offices. Tailoring typically includes customisation of case studies, choosing modules and the depth over coverage, role play choices from our library and profiles, plus more options. Want to know more? Check out our in-house training customizer.


The training was excellent and is being used on a regular basis and broadly across the team. Trading Plans have become common, though not always done with t...
Perfect training and also recommendable for anybody with business negotiation needs. It was very useful to learn methods to put ideas in order and get tool...

Key Outcomes

  • Better understanding of customer or client needs in order to create value.
  • Shorter sales cycles to close deals faster.
  • Increasing your margins by claiming more of the value that you've created, while discounting less.
  • Relying upon a structured process or framework with supporting tools to navigate the most complex deals.
  • Fostering more collaborative relationships.
  • Knowing when and how to switch negotiation styles to handle tough customers who compete with or avoid you.
  • Mastering persuading and influencing techniques that win more 'yes' replies to your proposals without having to make costly concessions.
  • Keeping control of meetings to fulfil your agenda.
  • Earn the knowledge and control you need by asking the right questions in the optimal sequence.
  • Learning from your individual and team Negotiation Diagnostic and Negotiation Styles profile reports to identify your biggest areas of growth opportunity.
  • Tailoring your approach to more closely match your client's personality to enjoy more success and save time.
  • Handling difficult objections with confidence using our techniques.
  • Increase mutual value and claim the lions share using our Trading Plan template and other tools from our Value Creation Framework.
  • Building and leveraging your negotiation power.
  • Receiving coaching from a Negotiation Expert using advanced split screen (classroom delivery only).
  • Achieving a deeper level of rapport and trust, including cross cultural negotiations.
  • Extracting valuable lessons through reviewing your negotiations effectively.
  • Achieving more price increases, at higher percentages in less time than before.
  • Coordinating your team roles effectively before and at the negotiation table.
  • Feeling confident that you've prepared effectively rather than stressed.
  • Noticing when buyers are using tactics on you, and comfortably neutralizing their tactics in a non-confrontational way.
  • Learning from the split screen video feedback to work on your body language giveaways, and being much better at reading others (classroom delivery only).
  • Improved prospect qualification, saving time on low to no profit accounts.

Our Approach

Our training is highly experiential. Trust in and mastery over our sales negotiation tool-sets stem from getting great results in action. So you'll spend most of your time negotiating your way through challenging seller-buyer role plays and then reviewing together. We start with individual one on one buyer-seller negotiations of increasing complexity, and progress negotiators into team based sales negotiation role plays. Sales role play exercises and sims are used throughout our training. Split screen video technology allows for feedback for all right after a deal is struck, making for a memorable lessons that stick (classroom only).

Sales participants should bring their toughest sales negotiation challenges for discussion and resolution. Our combination of learning by doing plays an important part in the long term results our clients enjoy.

Our Negotiation Experts are described as entertaining, involving everyone - keeping energy levels high. Module build upon each other. Feedback can be right brained such as soft skill techniques, or left brained such as stacking techniques to take and keep control of meetings.

Who's This For?

Sales Negotiation graduates typically have the following job titles: Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Account Managers (National and Regional), Key Accounts Managers, Commercial Account Managers, Business Development Managers (BDM), Account Executives, Brand Managers, Internal Sales, Entrepreneurs, Sales Support and various Sales Specialists, Sales SVP (Senior Vice-President) and VP's, and everyone involved in selling products, services, equipment and ideas.



  • Introduction & Objectives
  • Price Negotiation Role Play
  • Best Practices Debrief
  • Negotiation Styles Role Play
  • Negotiation Styles Profile Reports
  • Sales Competition vs. Collaboration
  • Persuasion: Compliance
  • Questioning
  • Role Play Exercise & Debrief
  • Climate
  • Daily Recap

  • SWOT, Trading Plan & Agenda Control
  • Role Play - Point Scored Sim
  • Re-framing Buyer Objections & Exercise
  • Manipulative Tactics & Role Play
  • Complex Team Based Role Play
  • Feedback: Split Screen Video or Sim Graphs
  • Daily Recap

  • Framing & Controlling Meetings
  • Role Play & Debrief
  • Value Creation Framework
  • Stories that Sell
  • Complex Team Based Role Play
  • Feedback: Split Screen Video or Sim Graphs

Delivery options

  • Online, no matter where you or your team are located. Either public access or tailored for in-house.
  • In your office, with a Negotiation Expert facilitating.

Join thousands of your sales peers in achieving outstanding results for your business, and earn greater recognition soon after graduating. CALL US or choose your PUBLIC or IN-HOUSE TRAINING now.

Join thousands of your sales peers in achieving outstanding results for your business, and earn greater recognition soon after graduating. CALL US or choose your PUBLIC or IN-HOUSE TRAINING now.

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