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Sales Negotiation Training

Our Sales Negotiation Training reduces the risks associated with selling by increasing deal closure rates, increasing margins while strengthening key relationships. Many of our clients come to us feeling challenged by the increasing commoditisation of their market, asking what they can do about the pressures being placed on the prices and contractual terms.

What do our sales clients say?

Since we're aware that most training companies make similar claims, we've read through our sales negotiation graduates' post training assessments, administered about three months after graduating (not our sales negotiation graduates online feedback from the workshops), to see how exactly our Sales Negotiation Training toolsets, skills, tactics and strategies are being put into action. This is what our graduates are saying:

  • Increasing my margins by claiming more of the value that I've created.
  • Having a structured process or framework with supporting tools to navigate the most complex deals.
  • Fostering better collaborative relationships and blending styles of negotiation with each customer account, depending on my service or product's risks and dependency from the customer.
  • Earning more 'yes' replies through stacking psychology techniques to be more persuasive and influential.
  • Shorter time to close sales deals.
  • Feeling far less stressed, confident that I'm well prepared.
  • Using the unconscious techniques to control meetings, by agreeing my most important goals early I feel far less pressure.
  • Getting more interest and buy-in from customers as I ask better questions to get to know them and their priorities - crucial before putting together my offer.
  • Taking charge of team negotiations, ensuring that my team are not giving away value, and progressing to a 'yes' or 'no' decision much faster.
  • Learning from my psychology profile reports from the training to stay focussed on my areas of weakness and growth.
  • Some clients who were avoiding me are now answering my calls, and often asking for my advice.
  • Adjusting my sales approach to match my customer's personality type, to be more successful and shorten my preparation time.
  • Handling objections with confidence, instead of lying awake the night before worrying.
  • Preparing much better, mainly increasing our value in the customers' eyes before meetings, and claiming more of this value during meetings through using my Trading Plan from the course. Feeling confident that my exchanges have maximised value.
  • Taking the heat out of tense moments from threats, blaming and high competition to get back to collaborating together.
  • Pin-pointing both my own and the customers' (the buyers' and other stakeholders') prime areas of negotiation leverage and pressure. Building and leveraging my power while reducing theirs.
  • Having support from my manager to walk away from unprofitable opportunities.
  • Reviewing the split screen DVD feedback and observations from the course to refine my non-verbal facial expression leaks, and noticing more of the time when the customer is lying.
  • Achieving a deeper level of rapport and trust in cross cultural negotiations using the courses' vocal techniques.
  • Extracting more lessons after the training through reviewing sales meetings, especially when negotiating in teams.
  • Coordinating effectively as a team, saving time and money with everyone knowing their role.
  • Using structured questions to extract the information needed to win the sale or know to stop wasting time on the prospect.
  • Getting more price increases agreed, at higher percentages in less time than before.
  • As a salesman my key competency is successfully negotiating the sale. So thank you for assisting me in closing more deals at higher margins in less time.

Who Should Participate?

Sales Negotiation Graduates typically have the following job titles: Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Account Managers who are Commercial National Regional or in charge of Key Accounts, Commercial Account Managers, Business Development Managers (BDM), Account Executives, Sales SVP (Senior Vice-President) or VP, Brand Managers, Sales Support and various Sales Specialists.

Maximising ROI Through Continued Learning

We work with our clients' Sales Managers and other sales leaders to teach how to leverage continued growth out of their teams, to get the best return from our Sales Negotiation Training. We also work with our client's knowledge management or training and development departments to ensure the best internal infrastructure and support for sales professionals.

We also run training courses in the following locations:

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