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Updated: 25 May 2019

Online Negotiation Training Sim Game

online negotiation sim game

Whether delivered online or in their offices, most clients ask to use our world first Negotiation Simuation plaform on their courses. We’ve gamified negotiation role plays to give negotiators unique insights into their deal making performance.

The Negotiation Sim games can be deployed as part of your classroom negotiation training, or as a brief online intervention delivered remotely such as on our open access Negotiation Simulation Game training. Choose between your negotiation team navigating their way through our library of online role play exericses, or collaborating with one of our Negotiation Experts to customise a case study around your unique commercial negotiation challenges. When deployed remotely, you’ll be saving on travel and accommodation costs. The disruption to your team’s working schedule will be minimized.

The biggest single challenge any training course faces is longer term retention and usage. So to maximise your negotiation training course investment, no matter who your team have been trained by, schedule a highly interactive and engaging Negotiation Sim session some weeks or months after graduation. Your team will be able to bring all their tool-sets and skills to bear on one of our real life negotiation role plays.

What should you expect from our Negotiation Sim role playing platform?

  • Pinpoint each of your team members current areas of strength and weakness
  • Navigate the added complexities of preparing, coordinating and negotiating online sim role plays as a team
  • Refresh your memory on your negotiation training, or further hone your existing negotiation tools, strategies, processes or tactics
  • Take risks and make mistakes in a risk free environment that won’t bleed your bottom line profits
  • Be challenged, while being highly engaged and having fun with our elearning platform
  • Ask great questions that uncover value leveraging trades
  • Understand ‘how’ to achieve a win-win or a win-lose deal from the negotiation sim graphs at the end
  • Pin-point those offers that earned you the most value, and which lost you value
  • Take your negotiating skills to the next level with each negotiation sim game

A half or single day Negotiation Sim role play can be conducted in-house, or online without the need for several days of training or travel.

What do Negotiation Sim participants need? A fast and reliable internet connection. No installations required, our Negotiation Sim simply works using the most popular browsers.