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Updated: 16 May 2024

Post Training Assessment

How do you know that your negotiation training has been successful? Most companies look to their feedback forms, which we affectionately call the “happy sheets.” We recommend waiting three months before assessing your graduates. We score our assessments with a pass mark of 50%.

  • Graduates receive their certificates and personalized reports. Graduate reports identify the areas they did well in and include advice to bridge the gap in the places where they didn’t score 100%.
  • Leaders receive separate reports (by team, division, country, region, or department) with a debrief conversation with a Negotiation Expert. Our leadership reports help us pinpoint which lessons went into the muscle and are getting results and which could use follow-up coaching or reinforcement. Our leadership debrief compares your team’s scores to similar teams as a baseline.

Our assessment gathers your negotiators’ stories. Your team’s stories shine a light on how they have applied lessons from the course and achieved results. Your team’s real-life post-training stories can be instrumental in spreading best practices and crystallizing knowledge in your team meetings.