Negotiation Skills

[ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n] [skils]

Negotiation Skills are required to negotiate superior deals in both your business and personal life. Negotiating Skills include methods of: communicating, persuading and influencing, planning, strategizing, employing tactics, techniques, tool-sets, systems & processes, and often teamwork.

Negotiation Skills can be learned; ‘born negotiators’ are a myth. Successful negotiators need to develop a variety of skills drawn from various disciplines. Business negotiation deals typically include products, services, assets and even ideas.

Since negotiations typically require face to face or phone interaction, not all negotiation skills can be learned from a book alone. The better negotiation skills training programs involve a great deal of practical role plays followed immediately by personalised feedback discussions. There’s an increasing trend of negotiations taking place via various web based platforms (e.g. online bidding). These can require specialised negotiation skills to maximise and defend value.

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