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Our Client Collaboration Approach

Clients trust our 5 phase Client Collaboration Approach for the creation of their in-house training solutions. Stage 1: Requirements...
Improving your negotiating skills - tips learned in the trenches
5 Effective Training Tips to Improve your Negotiation Skills

by - David Wachtel

At the beginning of procurement or sales negotiation skills training sessions, I ask students what makes them feel uncomfortable abou...
Marriage Negotiation
Marriage Negotiation
The Real Negotiation Problem Issue

One of the biggest stumbling blocks encountered negotiators is to clearly understand the real issues as the root cause and basis for ...
Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills are required to negotiate superior deals in both your business and personal life. Negotiating Skills include ...
Professional Freelancer Consultant for Business Contract Negotiator Services

by - Doc Kane

We'll answer your question by sharing general advice on how to choose between the many companies offering you commercial negotiation consu...
Value Creation Framework

We owe a debt of gratitude to our clients for generously sharing their feedback over the years on our Negotiation Value Creation Fram...
9 Steps to Preparation Success
Wing your Tough Negotiation? 9 Steps to Preparation Success

by - Erich Rifenburgh

Have you ever left a negotiation feeling battered and bruised like you never had a chance from the word go? Too often I've seen smart...
Firing Tech Support
How to Fire Tech Support
Negotiating with WalMart Buyers

WalMart, the world's largest retailer, sold $482.1 billion worth of goods in 2016. With its single-minded focus on "EDLP" (everyday l...
Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation tactics are the detailed methods employed by negotiators to gain an advantage. Negotiation Tactics are often deceptive ...
Trust in Negotiation

by - Bob

Nowadays it is difficult to make a deal if there is no trust between counterparts. Even if one manages to make such a deal it will be very...
Online Negotiation Sim

Most clients ask to use our world first Negotiation Sim on their courses, whether delivered online or in their offices. We've gamifie...
Negotiation Types
Negotiation Types

Like it or not, everybody is a negotiator. We use negotiation techniques almost every day. We negotiated when we were kids trading sp...
Snake Charmer Renegotiation
Renegotiation - Snake Charmer
How Microsoft Outnegotiated Netscape in the Browser War

Back in 1996, Steve Case’s AOL was urgently seeking a top notch internet browser to market their products. Both Bill Gates’ Micro...
Negotiation Strategy

A pre-determined approach or prepared plan of action to achieve a specific goal or objective to potentially find and make an agreem...
Outsourced Contract Negotiator

by - Jenny

Outsourcing the finding and negotiating of your contracts is akin to outsourcing marketing and sales negotiation. I don't know of any comp...
Facilitated Video Review

  Our video reviews have destroyed our Negotiation Experts' egos. Why? No matter how captivating our slides or crafted our word...
BATNA Explained - Best Alternative

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Is an old saying which has stood the test of time. To a negotiator, this wise old proverb il...