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We hope that business negotiators find what they're searching for in our free resources. This is the next best thing to coming on one of our negotiation seminars.

online negotiation sim game
Negotiation Simulation Online Training Game
Our Negotiation Simulation Game was born out of frustration. We were frustrated with two age-old limitations suffered by ALL training seminars: How can you ensure that your graduates continue using the tools and best practices long after graduation? How can one facilitator keep their eyes and ears on everyone in the room, to share insightful in the moment feedback? Our clients were happy with their teams' results from our courses. We, however, were not satisfied. We could
Sales Training: How to Win your Price Increase with Confidence
IMPORTANT: This post places in your hands the world's most comprehensive resources, including your personal assessment report, gifographic, and podcast link. All for free. No customer wants to stomach a price increase, as they feel challenged in passing on their increase in costs to their customers and end-users. Sadly though, as long as central banks control our currencies through their inflation tax, salespeople will need to keep up by increasing prices. It's simple
The Best Advice for Sales Training: Price Increase Podcast and Transcript
The Best Advice for Sales Training: Price Increase Podcast and Transcript
Paul: How do sales professionals feel when they hear their bosses’ words: “We need you to go get us a price increase”? Most salespeople love asking for price increases about as much as getting a root canal. Sales professionals worry about hurting the customer relationship they’ve worked so hard to build, and fear losing the business. This is Negotiation Expert Paul Kinsella. var pfaUrl = 'https://pfa.negotiations.com/assessments/price-increase'; Taken your
Marriage Negotiation
Marriage Negotiation
The Real Negotiation Problem Issue
There is one big stumbling block negotiators often encounter. Some negotiators fail to understand the real underlying issues beneath a problem. Therefore, some negotiators lack a key insight into what the basis for the negotiation really is. All too often, negotiators don't take enough time to identify and frame the issues to resolve. This is the crucial first step to any negotiation. If this first phase of the negotiation process is not addressed properly, then it is quite
Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills [ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n] [skils] https://www.negotiations.com/wp-content/uploads/migration/sounds/NegotiationSkills.mp3
negotiate contracts with vendors
How can Buyers Negotiate a Contractual Price Discount from Vendors?
by - Marie
To get someone to give you more of what you want, you'll find that giving them more of what they want will go a long way. So what do your suppliers value? Vendors or professional sellers the world over are overwhelmingly measured and rewarded on revenue, not margin. Margin usually acts as a constraint to sellers' ambitions. So your best routes to achieving cost savings include: Can you increase the size of your order or buy additional products or services from your vendor? If you
Sales Negotiation Training Tips to Avoid Price Discounting
Sales Training Tips to Avoid Price Discounting
by - Sid
Professional buyers the world over are almost always measured and rewarded on cost savings - not value created. So a sellers' best route to achieving higher prices and margins include: Are you talking with buyers' internal stakeholders BEFORE you have to talk with the buyer? Most Buyers who graduate from our Procurement Negotiation Training complain that managing their internal stakeholders is their single biggest challenge. If this is news to you, as it is for most sales
Professional Freelancer Consultant for Business Contract Negotiator Services
by - Doc Kane
We'll answer your question by sharing general advice on how to choose between the many companies offering you commercial negotiation consultancy services. You're also welcome to call or email us to share more, and take our specific advice on choosing your professional freelancer negotiation consultant with zero commitment or charge. Freelance negotiators are referred to as Agents. Freelance consultants are professionals who represent the interests of the principal
Negotiation Diagnostic Profiling
Would you find it useful to gauge your team or company's areas of negotiation strength and weakness? We will identify whether your group is homogeneous, or if their level of skills vary greatly. We also seek to find out what is already working well and how the group differs in their profile of deals. What do you stand to gain by having us diagnose your team or company's negotiation strengths and weakness? We know what questions to ask which ensures that you get the answers you need.
Salary Negotiation Tips for College Students
Salary Negotiation Training Tips for College Students
by - Calum Coburn
Sometimes, college graduates are lucky enough for their employer pay for their spot on one of our negotiation seminars. So, how well do college graduates perform on our negotiation skills seminars? College students almost always get the lowest scores using our online sim role plays. College students also tend to struggle to hold their own against seasoned negotiators in our classes. Despite this, college students tell us they're very happy to have learned so much about business
Firing Tech Support
How to Fire Tech Support
Negotiating with Walmart Buyers
Walmart, the world's largest retailer, sold $482.1 billion worth of goods in 2016. With its single-minded focus on "EDLP" (everyday low prices) and the power to make or break, a partnership with Walmart is either the Holy Grail or the kiss of death, depending on the perspective. There are numerous media accounts of the corporate monolith running its suppliers into the ground. What about those who manage to survive, and thrive, while dealing with the classic hardball negotiator?
Negotiation Tactics
Negotiation Tactics [ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n] [tak-tiks] https://www.negotiations.com/wp-content/uploads/migration/sounds/NegotiationTactics.mp3
Trust in Negotiation
by - Bob
Nowadays it is difficult to make a deal if there is no trust between counterparts. Even if one manages to make such a deal it will be very challenging to implement it. Building trust is absolutely essential in any meaningful long-term relationship, regardless of whether you're selling, buying, resolving conflict. Most deals, even one-time deals, have consequences in the future. Roger Fisher wrote about the importance of trust, and principled negotiation is largely based
Facilitated Video Review
Our video reviews have destroyed our Negotiation Experts' egos. Why? No matter how captivating our slides or crafted our words, our facilitated video reviews still win our clients' highest praise. How often have you walked away from a negotiation wondering: “How could I have done even better? or “What did I miss? or “Why was that so tough? or “Why don't all my negotiations go as well as this deal? If these questions sound familiar, then you'll likely begin
Sales Questions to get to the Decision Maker
Sales Negotiation Questions to Get to the Decision Maker
by - Calum Coburn
We coach our clients to ask for the decision makers - especially in the best Sales Negotiation Training and our Advanced Negotiation Training courses. Too many people ask ineffective questions like, "Do you make the decisions?" or "Are you the decision maker?" to which most will answer "Yes." Why do people answer 'Yes' when they're not really the decision maker? Simply because everyone wants to think of themselves as important. So, how do you get to your real decision makers?
Snake Charmer Renegotiation
Renegotiation - Snake Charmer
How Microsoft Outnegotiated Netscape in the Browser War
Back in 1996, Steve Case’s AOL was urgently seeking a top notch internet browser to market their products. Both Bill Gates’ Microsoft and Netscape Navigator were vying with AOL to take them on as a client. In terms of their Best Alternative (BA or BATNA), Netscape held a decisive advantage due to its strong technical superiority, presence and dominance in the overall browser market. Microsoft was just in the process of entering the market and held a fledgling percentage
Negotiation Strategy
Negotiation Strategy [ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n] [strat-i-jee] https://www.negotiations.com/wp-content/uploads/migration/sounds/NegotiationStrategy.mp3