How do I Negotiate my Job Title

by - Jan

I'm negotiating a new position. I think I've achieved the best I can expect on salary and benefits. So I'm thinking of what else I ca...
Dealing With Your Emotions in Negotiations

by - Delee Fromm

This article provides practical advice on how to recognize, express and control emotional behaviour during your negotiations.
5 Effective Training Tips to Improve your Negotiation Skills

by - David Wachtel

Improve your negotiating skills and learn what really interests people in a negotiation. Understand your negotiating style, and how t...
Negotiation Anchoring

Trust in Negotiation

by - Bob

Roger Fisher has written that "the less an agreement depends on trust, the more likely it is to be implemented". Is this a part of hi...

Where Will You Draw The Line in Negotiation?

Know the point where the smart thing to do is to walk away from the deal because it no longer offers any value.
Negotiation Place: Does Turf Matter?

by - Marty Latz

Gain insight on how the home turf environment can offer both advantages and disadvantages at the negotiating table.
Sales Negotiation Process Tips

by - Mike Schatzki

Does your sales process incorporate these best practice tips? Learn how to improve your closing rate and your sales price without giv...
Multi Party Negotiation

Negotiation Bargaining Zone

Contract Renegotiation with the Chilean Government

Although starting a contract renegotiation at a disadvantage, with a weak BATNA, US company Kennecott managed to enhance and turn thi...
Collaborative Negotiation Selling Training

by - Tony Alessandra

Compare the differences and disadvantages between the old model of selling, and the newer approach of collaborative selling. Make col...
How Microsoft Outnegotiated Netscape in the Browser War

Microsoft won negotiations with AOL competing against the browser market leader Netscape by getting the best out of their marketing r...
Andorra versus the European Community (EC)

After five years of negotiations between Andorra and the European Community, Andorra succeeded in obtaining sovereignty in 1993.
Chinese Business Negotiations' 'Guanxi'

by - Dr Bob March

This instructive negotiation case is published with permission from Dr Bob March's excellent book "Chinese Negotiator".
What Is Win-Win Negotiation?

by - Steve Roberts

Examine how a poorly implemented win-win negotiation style can fail to deliver business goals and leaves gold on the table.
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