5 Effective Training Tips to Improve your Negotiation Skills

by - David Wachtel

Improve your negotiating skills and learn what really interests people in a negotiation. Understand your negotiating style, and how t...
Professional Freelancer Consultant for Business Contract Negotiator Services

by - Doc Kane

I am considering hiring a freelance negotiator to handle contract negotiations with my clients. Where might I find professional negot...
Gaming in Shanghai

by - Dr Bob March

This case is typical of what vendors face in a competitive, hi-tech environment, and illustrates the opportunity they have to reduce ...
Trust in Negotiation

by - Bob

Roger Fisher has written that "the less an agreement depends on trust, the more likely it is to be implemented". Is this a part of hi...
Wing your Tough Negotiation? 9 Steps to Preparation Success

by - Erich Rifenburgh

Follow these 9 preparation steps to consistently reap healthier profits in your next negotiation. Taken from our negotiation training...
Business Expansion Woven From Trust

by - Dr Bob March

This negotiation case is published with permission from Dr Bob March's excellent book "Chinese Negotiator".
Negotiation Types

There are two opposite types or schools of negotiation: Integrative and Distributive. This article introduces the important differenc...
Outsourced Contract Negotiator

by - Jenny

A couple of friends and myself are thinking about hiring somebody who could find and negotiate contracts for us. What percentage of e...
The Price of Giving Face in China

by - Dr Bob March

This case outlines one Chinese negotiator’s response to the thoughtless, inept negotiating manner of another, and contains valuable...
Trust Building in a Trilateral China Japan Western Negotiation

by - Dr Bob March

This case shares the inside track from an international trilateral Chinese, Japanese and Western business negotiation.
BATNA Explained - Best Alternative

Having good options available before you start negotiating is best practice. You'll feel empowered and confident to either reach a mu...
Internal Team Negotiations

by - Gregory

Which is more challenging: internal intra-team negotiation or external client, vendor or partner negotiaition?
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