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We hope that business negotiators find what they're searching for in our free resources. This is the next best thing to coming to one of our negotiation training courses.

online negotiation sim game
Negotiation Simulation Training Online Game
Think of your past training courses. How much do you remember, and how much are you still using? If you're like most people, you'll have forgotten most of it. Yet it doesn't have to be this way. Years ago we were so frustrated with this challenge that we decided to do something about it. We set about creating a world-first negotiation simulation platform. Read our latest testimonials to see how much our clients love using our simulator to learn in the classroom and then again to reinforce
Customized Negotiation Sim Games
The most loved part of our negotiation training courses, earning the most praise in our feedback forms, is our industry-leading negotiation sim games. Graduates feel more confident when given the opportunity to deploy the skills and tools they’ve acquired in a customized sim game modeled around your products and market. Very few negotiation training providers possess the expertise to create customized negotiation role-play exercises. However, we’ve been designing
Post Training Assessment
How do you know that your negotiation training has been successful? Most companies look to their feedback forms, which we affectionately call the “happy sheets. We recommend waiting three months before assessing your graduates. We score our assessments with a pass mark of 50%.
How Do The Best Sales Training Activities Drive Results?
How Do The Best Sales Training Activities Drive Results?
How was your company's sales event last year? Was it the same tired and tedious talk about the numbers plus a few group exercises? Too often we hear sales forces complaining of events and training that are low energy and don’t change behavior. At the same time, managers criticize low training ROI (return on investment). Plus, most reps forget their training and slide back into past behaviors within weeks. So how can sales leaders and facilitators improve on sales training outcomes?
10 Best Sales Training Courses
20 Best Sales Training Programs & Courses
Effective sales training has a direct correlation to business results. According to McKinsey, stronger sales training relates to stronger performance across key skill areas. Undertaking sales training often results in higher opportunity win rates, claiming maximum value through pricing and volume, and an increase in the ability to fill pipelines and grow accounts. Sales training defined: Sales training is the process of developing the skills and tools of your sales
How to Boost Your Sales Skills: 7 Surprising Tips
To hit their quotas, salespeople need a wide array of skills. From time management and people management to product expertise and value propositions. These skills are increasingly becoming crucial for even non-sales personnel. If you're looking to upgrade your sales skills, you may need a sales readiness strategy. Training and coaching can support the development of critical sales skills to close more deals faster. Here are seven insider tips that may seem unconventional
Best Sales Training Games
5 of the Best Sales Training Games: Boost Your Skills and Have Fun
Your sales team works under lots of pressure to close deals and hit sales quotas. How can you, as a leader, ensure that your team members are regularly learning and improving on their performance? How do you find training that's enjoyable and lessons that stick long after the training exercise has ended? Using game-based training significantly minimizes costs while enhancing retention. Five of the best games that are fun and boost long-lasting sales skills include: 1. The
Marriage Negotiation
Marriage Negotiation
Issues in Negotiation: How to Solve a Problem
Negotiators can often fail to understand the real underlying issues of a problem. Meaning, these negotiators lack a key insight into what the basis for the negotiation really is. All too often, negotiators don't train themselves to identify and frame the issues in negotiation to resolve. Negotiation skills courses often emphasize that if this crucial first step of the negotiation process is not addressed properly, it's quite likely that the rest of the negotiation process
Negotiation Skills
What is negotiation skills? Negotiation skills are required to secure better agreements in our personal and business lives. Negotiating skills include methods of: Communicating Persuading and influencing Planning Strategizing Employing tactics, techniques, tools, systems, processes, and teamwork Negotiation skills can be learned. Meaning, "born negotiators" are a myth. Successful negotiators need to develop a variety of skills. These are drawn from various disciplines.
negotiate contracts with vendors
How to Negotiate Price with Supplier?
by - Marie
To get someone to give you more of what you want, you'll find that giving them more of what they want will go a long way. So what do your suppliers value? Vendors or professional sellers the world over are overwhelmingly measured and rewarded on revenue, not margin. Margin usually acts as a constraint to sellers' ambitions. So your best routes to achieving cost savings include: Can you increase the size of your order or buy additional products or services from your vendor? If you
Hiring a Freelance Professional Negotiation Consultant
by - Doc Kane
We'll answer your question by sharing general advice on how to choose between the many companies offering you commercial negotiation consultancy services. You're also welcome to call or email us to share more, and take our specific advice on choosing your professional freelancer negotiation consultant with zero commitment or charge. Freelance negotiators are referred to as Agents. Freelance consultants are professionals who represent the interests of the principal
Sales Negotiation Training Tips to Avoid Price Discounting
Sales Training Tips to Avoid Price Discounting
by - Sid
Professional buyers the world over are almost always measured and rewarded on cost savings - not value created. So a sellers' best route to achieving higher prices and margins include: Are you talking with buyers' internal stakeholders BEFORE you have to talk with the buyer? Most Buyers who graduate from our Procurement Negotiation Training complain that managing their internal stakeholders is their single biggest challenge. If this is news to you, as it is for most sales
Team Diagnostic Profile
Team Negotiation Diagnostic Profiling
Question: "How accurately can you or your team name and rank others' top four negotiation goals or objectives?" The above graph shows a significant upside opportunity for the team. Would you find it useful to gauge your team or company's areas of negotiation strength and weakness? We will identify whether your group is homogeneous, or if their level of skills varies greatly. We also seek to find out what is already working well and how the group differs in their profile of deals.
The Best Advice for Sales Training: Price Increase Podcast and Transcript
Podcast: Sales Training on Price Increases
Paul: How do sales professionals feel when they hear their bosses’ words: “We need you to go get us a price increase”? Most salespeople love asking for price increases about as much as getting a root canal. Sales professionals worry about hurting the customer relationship they’ve worked so hard to build, and fear losing the business.This is Negotiation Expert Paul Kinsella. Calum: And this is Negotiation Expert Calum Coburn. In this podcast we’ll be discussing
Firing Tech Support
How to Fire Tech Support
Negotiating with WalMart Buyers
WalMart, the world's largest retailer, sold $514.4 billion worth of goods in 2019. With its single-minded focus on "EDLP" (everyday low prices) and the power to make or break; suppliers, a partnership with Walmart is either the Holy Grail or the kiss of death, depending on one's perspective. There are numerous media accounts of the corporate monolith riding its suppliers into the ground. But what about those who manage to survive, and thrive, while dealing with the classic
Negotiation Tactics
Negotiation tactics are the detailed methods employed by negotiators to gain an advantage. Negotiation tactics are often deceptive and manipulative. Often, negotiators use negotiation tactics to fulfill their own goals and objectives. This is often to the detriment of others, making most tactics in use today "win-lose" by nature. We would like to caution negotiators to only make use of ethical negotiation tactics. We would advise thinking first about the context of your
How Important Is Building Trust in Negotiating Agreements?
by - Bob
Nowadays, it is difficult to make a deal if there is no trust in negotiations. Even if a negotiator manages to make such a deal, it will be very challenging to implement it. Building trust is essential in any meaningful long-term relationship. In business, this is regardless of whether you're selling, buying, or resolving conflict. Most deals, even one-time deals, have consequences in the future. Roger Fisher wrote about the importance of trust, and principled negotiation
Facilitated Video Review
Our video reviews have destroyed our Negotiation Experts' egos. Why? No matter how captivating our slides or crafted our words, our facilitated video reviews still win our clients' highest praise. How often have you walked away from a negotiation wondering: “How could I have done even better? or “What did I miss? or “Why was that so tough? or “Why don't all my negotiations go as well as this deal? If these questions sound familiar, then you'll likely begin