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Updated: 7 Feb 2021

Negotiation Game

[ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n] [geym]

A few negotiation training courses make use of negotiation simulation exercises delivered using online negotiation training games. In this way, technology can be leveraged to teach participants essential principles of negotiation, psychology or influence in a fun and interactive environment. Some games are played between pairs, whilst others involve a room full of people. The purpose of most negotiation training games is to win, and sometimes to avoid losing. Many negotiation games leave the decision of what ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ means to the players. Negotiation role-play exercises prevalent in most courses should not be confused with negotiation games.

The world’s most advanced negotiation simulation game is available to corporate clients for training and short practical practice sessions. Get in touch to see a demo. All our public courses incorporate our sim game.

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