Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation tactics are the detailed methods employed by negotiators to gain an advantage. Tactics are often deceptive and manipulative and are used to fulfil one party's goals and objectives - often to the detriment of others. This makes most tactics in use today 'win-lose' by nature.

We would like to caution negotiators to only make use of ethical tactics, and to think first about the context of your negotiation (e.g. car, house, commercial negotiations) and relationship (family, friends, strangers). When buying or selling a car or house to a stranger, these contexts are ideal for using a wider array of tactics. Whereas when selling the same car or house to a family member, you should of course carefully consider the long term impact on your relationship and reputation before employing tactics.

When negotiators learn how to better collaborate together to achieve more mutual win-win outcomes, the attraction for tactics recedes. It is however worth learning how to identify and defend yourself against tactics.

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