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Updated: 14 Dec 2020

Negotiation Rapport

[ni-goh-shee-ey-shuh n] [ra-pawr]

Rapport happens across a number of levels. In business, most people associate rapport with matching and mirroring body language. Rapport brings you and the other party you’re seeking to influnece into synch. When done well, rapport is undetectable, and works at the unconcious level. Rapport is more difficult to detect on the auditory level. So if you adjust your volume, cadence, inflection, pitch, resonance, length of sentences to that of the person or people you’re seeking to influence, you’ll be more likely to be listened to and enjoy more understanding and agreements.Rapport can also occur at the level of beliefs and values. When you discuss similarities in your beliefs and values, you’re more likely to enjoy a deeper sense of rapport. Story telling is powerful for this reason.

On a broader level, many assuming rapport to be at play with two or more parties work towards achieving an agreement through the building of trust, establish a friendly relationship, and having a sense of mutual understanding. A successful business client relationship conducted through a negotiation is one example of the fruits of rapport.

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