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Updated: 22 Jul 2024

IMF World Bank Debt Governance and Corruption



By now we know only too well, the World Bank, IMF, affiliates, staff while performing duties on their behalf, are protected by immunity granted to Inter-governmental Organisations. No suing, prosecuting, accountability, admitted.
However, say for the sake of Negotiation, they have committed mischief, backed by facts and evidence, leading to serious consequences and ramifications they rather cover up for various reasons.
How would one go about handling such negotiations?

Justino from Brazil


I read with a knowing smile your words: 'say... they have committed mischief'. For those who invest the time to make themselves knowledgeable by reading about the IMF's corruption and debt governance, particularly from trusted reputable sources online, there can be little doubt that the business of the World Bank, IMF and FED is to commit crimes against humanity for their member bank's benefit. As a negotiator, it's crucial that you start by getting to understand the history and nature of the other party before you start to influence them.

I'd like to start by quoting from ex Economic Hitman John Perkins who used to work closely with these institutions: 'In my talks, I often find it necessary to remind audiences of a point that seems obvious to me but is misunderstood by so many: that the World Bank is not really a world bank at all; it is, rather a U. S. bank. Ditto, its closest sibling, the IMF. In fact, if one looks at the World Bank and IMF executive boards and the votes each member of the board has, one sees that the United States controls about 16 percent of the votes in the World Bank – (Compared with Japan at about 7%, the second largest member, China at 4.5%, Germany with 4.00%, and the United Kingdom and France with about 3.8% each), nearly 17% of the IMF votes (Compared with Japan and Germany at about 6% and UK and France at nearly 5%), and the US holds veto power over all major decisions. Furthermore, the United States President appoints the World Bank President."

The IMF and World Bank, through their success in buying out political leaders and subsequently pillaging the economies of these corrupt or corrupted leaders under their debt management governance, have rightly earned themselves a terrible reputation globally. As a result, these two organisations have attempted to rebrand themselves as reformed, baiting the brightest students into applying for job employment. However, the people in developing countries in South America, Africa and Asia will not easily be fooled again by the corrupt debt governance. In concert with the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank or 'FED', these organisations are now pushing for a One World Currency (and a paperless society), which may be the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) issued by the IMF. Very few people are aware that the IMF, without the democratic oversight of people of any country able to vote against or influence their actions, are able to issue the SDR debt governance currency, which is right now convertible into dollars and most other currencies. There is talk in banking circles that the IMF would like for their SDR's to have partial gold backing, and to use this gold backing to replace the USD as the world's global debt currency for trade and finance.

So how do you negotiate with an organisation that considers itself above the law of any land, an organisation that despite its record of enslaving the developing world countries with promises of employment and increased funds? Leaders too often succumb to the terms of IMF and World Bank loans, and the IMF and World Bank continue to operate with impunity. Under the current system, the imbalance of power is so skewed in  IMF and World Bank favour, that the best you can do is the same as an increasing number of others have already done: expose  IMF and World Bank propaganda with the duplicity of their actions. This is easy to do, as you have correctly written. John Perkins exposed their racket in his best selling riveting book 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man', and I suggest you invite those you wish to enlighten to read this book or Perkins' follow up book 'The Secret History of the American Empire'. So we advise on awakening as many as possible, and thereby influence the IMF & World Bank, who are mere instruments of the banking families (of course including the Rothschild and Rockefeller families).

You can attempt to pursue the World Bank and IMF for their corrupt debt negotiation governance and other illegal activities via the judicial system. However, bear in mind that these banks have the world's deepest pockets, as they print and fractionally multiply electronic currency by the trillion, which means they can afford to employ some of the best brains either via scholarships or lucrative job offers, and will likely drag the court cases out for so long that you are likely to go into debt trying to bring these banks to justice. So I suggest you consider your resources of time and money, and invest these wisely in a route that will get you the most leverage. Consider that these organisations care a great deal about the impression the general public holds of them. When the world can see that the Emperor has no clothes, their game will be up. So your suggestion of 'Media' is the route we recommend your taking. While your sources of information available to expose these criminal institutions are wide, we recommend you focus on those stories the public will care about the most, which the public will find to be of greatest interest - as banking is inherently boring to the overwhelming majority. We wish you success for the sake of us all!

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    bj on

    Critical mass has been achieved has it not… and the criminal enterprise system is folding under it's own weight.
    Treason of a magnitude never before seen shall be exposed to the fluoride heads and they still won't have a clue what has taken place.

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