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The Negotiation Experts is proud to offer our readers a broad cross section of the finest business negotiation articles, for free. These articles have been written by our regular contributors - either the Negotiation Experts who deliver our negotiation training courses, or external professional negotiators who would like to share with you their deep experience and hard earned advice. The views and advice expressed in these articles do not necessarily always represent those of The Negotiation Experts.

Wing your Tough Negotiation? 9 Steps to Preparation Success  - by Erich Rifenburgh
Follow these 9 preparation step to consistently reap healthier profits in your next negotiation. Taken from our negotiation training methodology : the Value Creation Framework .

Job Offer Negotiation Advice
Know how to negotiate a job offer with a prospective employer. This article offers advice on how to uncover the right information, what questions to ask and how to stay fully informed.

Do You Know When They're Lying? - by Kevin Sawyer
Sharing practical advice to assist you in spotting lies in your negotiations. Examines surprising research revealing just how often we're lied to.

Value Creation in Negotiations
Shows how to create value in all your business negotiations, and find strategies to develop a collaborative and cooperative framework to achieve more at the negotiating table.

Giving Feedback after a Negotiation - by Steve Jones
"How to give feedback after negotiating?" Not always an easy skill to get right, so we thought you would like to know Steve Jones' personal top 7 points on how to give feedback.

Negotiation Styles - by Calum Coburn
Your style or profile of negotiation can define whether you grind into a deadlock, or create value and with it an enduring relationship. So what do you do when your needs are incompatible and your path to agreement starts to fade?

Negotiation Debt Management Advice for Businesses
Business debt can be a burden.  Get advice on how to negotiate with your creditors and find both solutions and strategies to solve your problem, using negotiation.

Detecting Lies in Negotiations - by Steve Jones
Negotiators often don't say everything they're thinking. Sometimes they hold back or distort information to avoid being exploited by the other party.

Business Negotiation Metaphors
Metaphors can provide clues to how a negotiator might view the business negotiation.  Through examining this articles examples, we are able to gain further insight of the other party during negotiations when we unravel the words.

What's the Difference Between RFT RFQ RFP RFI? - by Suki Mhay & Calum Coburn
Detailed explanations to RFT, RFP, RFQ, RFI. Expert advice for both buyers and sellers on how to get the most from these procurement and purchasing processes.

Top 10 Crucial Rules for College Grad Interview Negotiations - by Calum Coburn
Job interview negotiation tips for college grads who want a great deal

International Negotiated Financial Transactions (Part 1) - by Calum Coburn
If you negotiate internationally, you’re likely to run into currency exchange questions. Find out how the money market can affect your bottom line, and be familiar with the options open to you beforehand.

Conflict Negotiation: Psychological Dynamics
Negotiation conflict can often stem from psychological reasons that can make a negotiator become defensive. Discover the reasons for this conflict and how you can learn to de-fuse negative behaviour during your negotiations.

What Is Win-Win Negotiation? - by Steve Roberts
Examine how a poorly implemented win-win negotiation style can fail to deliver business goals and leaves gold on the table.

What Every Negotiator Must Know Before they Negotiate
Learn the strengths, alternatives and options that are available to every negotiator before they make an agreement.

Use Clever Questions in Your Negotiations
Learn how to ask negotiation questions in the right way. The question you ask will either elicit information or will invoke an emotional or irrational response.

Deceptive Negotiation Gambits and Counter Measures
Uncover deceit and gambits from your counterpart in the negotiation process. Read body language and other tell tale signs to counter deception.

The Solid Building Blocks of an International Agreement
Overcome problems before they occur with your foreign partner so that both parties succeed in their business objectives.

The First Moves in Global Negotiating
Uncover the issues and forge a solid business relationship with your foreign partner to achieve all your objectives.

Pre-Negotiation Strategy Check List (Part 2) - by Steven Roberts
Part 2 of this article provides additional advice on how to develop a successful negotiation strategy and create a better proposal while negotiating a solid business agreement.

Pre-Negotiation Strategy Check List (Part 1) - by Steven Roberts
This check list will help you prepare a successful negotiation strategy for any potential conflict and attain the best possible agreement.

Negotiation Tactics for Win-Lose Distributive Negotiation
Make a good first offer when negotiating price.Learn about anchoring, counter anchoring and offering a package to gain the best value.

Multiparty Negotiations
Part 2 of this article discusses options and solutions in handling the multiparty negotiation process and how to effectively find an agreement.

Multi - Party Negotiations
Part 1 of this article discusses the challenges imposed by multiple negotiators at the negotiation table.

Group Negotiations
Advice on how to tackle the issues and get an agreement with a multiple group negotiation.

Global Negotiation Preparation
Check list you need to understand and prepare to achieve the goals of your global negotiations.

Getting Your Counterpart to Negotiate
Valuable advice for every negotiator on how to get a reluctant counterpart to negotiate.

Forging Negotiation Relationships
It is so important to forge trust in your negotiations to create a solid and durable partnership.

Creative Strategies To Solve Negotiation Problems
Apply creative negotiation strategies to solve negotiation problems.

Boost Your Business' Negotiating Skills
Any business can enhance their employees negotiation skills and meet all their business objectives by following this articles advice.

Salary Negotiation: 32 Job Pay Tips - by Calum Coburn
Focuses the job negotiation lens on the 32 salary negotiation tips for business professionals. Includes exercises, a downloadable template, and questions to assist in your preparation.

Barriers to Agreement
Learn how to uncover the information you need, to enable you to find solutions, gain trust and solve your problem in making a deal or agreement with your counterpart.

Negotiation Listening Skills
Every negotiator needs good information, which demands that we understand fully what we hear from the other party's speakers. This article shares how to improve your negotiation listening skills.

Where Will You Draw The Line in Negotiation?
Know the point where the smart thing to do is to walk away from the deal because it no longer offers any value.

Using Interpreters in International Negotiations
Interpreters or translators are valuable and essential tools required to settle many international deals.

The Unethical Side of Negotiation
Some objective insights and consequences of using unethical means to achieve results .

The Four Phases of The Negotiation Process
When you apply the phases of negotiation effectively, you'll more consistently be rewarded with out-sized results.

Negotiating with 8 golden steps, the agreement table
Preparation is one in the most important aspects of negotiation. Neglecting this crucial component can result in a bad deal or a failed agreement.

Negotiation Approaches and Perspectives
Before rushing ahead to the negotiation table, sit back for a while and consider these thought provoking negotiation approaches, perspectives and questions.

Use Your Negotiation Style - Don't Let It Use You
We need not adapt unethical tactics because it's not about winning or losing, it's about substance and achieving an objective.

Being Culturally Intelligent - by Dr. Bob March
There are limits to culture learning - it can distort or boomerang if maladaptive.Decide on the right nuance of culturally appropriate behavior.

HR Leading with Persuasion
If HR Directors and Managers are to gain effective legitimacy, they should never neglect the importance of their ability to persuade their peers and co-workers.

The Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)
Zone of Possible Agreement ( ZOPA ) is the blue sky range where deals are made which both parties to a negotiation find acceptable.

Avoiding Common Mental Errors During Negotiation
Try and recognize those errors that are most avoidable when sitting down at the negotiating table, by getting into the habit of going through a mental checklist.

Knowing When It's Time to Walk-Not Talk
If there's no point in negotiating with someone, when its obvious there's no room for further talk, then the best solution is to simply pack-up and take a walk..

Principal and Agents in Negotiation
In all negotiations, the principle parties are the decision makers and agents are people who represent the interests of the principal decision makers.

Japanese Business Negotiation Relationships with Westerners - by Dr. Bob March
Westerners need to be more composed when encountering and communicating with unsmiling, seemingly humourless Japanese in business negotiations.

Negotiation Types
There are 2 opposite types or schools of negotiation: Integrative and Distributive. This article introduces the important differences between each negotiating type, and gives advice on which one may be right for your negotiation.

Building Trust with the Japanese - by Dr. Bob March
The process of getting to know and trust the Japanese is involving a process that is universal, and need have no connection to businesses.

BATNA Explained - Best Alternative
Having good options available before you start negotiating is best practice. You'll feel empowered and confident to either reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, or walk away to your better alternative.

Ways to rationalize a stalled negotiation
There are several strategies and tactics which an effective negotiator can employ to achieve a satisfactory deal in case of a stalled negotiation.

Frameworks in Negotiations
A good negotiation framework or methodology, much like a frame, defines the problem by eliminating irrelevant clutter and clarifies our path towards of negotiation goals.

Sales Team Negotiation Training: value of customised Case Studies - by Dr. Bob March
Simulated case studies / role plays customised to the clients' business reality is the best way to assess their sales negotiator's strengths and weaknesses on a team based sales negotiation training course, and to drive the skills deeper into the muscle.

Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts
Resolving interpersonal conflicts in the workplace is a healing process.If not immediately addressed it can have a negative impact on both morale and productivity.

When You Can't Afford to Ignore Your Lawyer's Advice
There are some common causes why negotiated deals fall flat. There are some constructive ways to firm up our hard won agreements.

Negotiation Interests and Positions
Divergent viewpoints can be great at stimulating new ideas, or dangerous in leading to loss of productivity. An introduction into the interest based route to resolving organisational differences through negotiation.

International Negotiated Financial Transactions (Part 2) - by Calum Coburn
Every negotiator needs to know how to formulate their agreement when negotiating which currency to use with a foreign business partner. Know what issues can affect your financial negotiations in another country.


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