Case Study

Contract Renegotiation with the Chilean Government

Although starting a contract renegotiation at a disadvantage, with a weak BATNA, US company Kennecott managed to enhance and turn thi...
How Microsoft Outnegotiated Netscape in the Browser War

Microsoft won negotiations with AOL competing against the browser market leader Netscape by getting the best out of their marketing r...
Andorra versus the European Community (EC)

After five years of negotiations between Andorra and the European Community, Andorra succeeded in obtaining sovereignty in 1993.
Chinese Business Negotiations' 'Guanxi'

by - Dr Bob March

This instructive negotiation case is published with permission from Dr Bob March's excellent book "Chinese Negotiator".
How Giving Face Can Brew Negotiation Success

by - Dr Bob March

Shows how understanding cultural differences and learning to work within them is the key to successful negotiations. Find out how kno...
Trust Building in a Trilateral China Japan Western Negotiation

by - Dr Bob March

This case shares the inside track from an international trilateral Chinese, Japanese and Western business negotiation.
The Cost of Death on Chinese Roads

by - Dr Bob March

This negotiation case shares insights on how to handle rural Chinese negotiations in the event of tragic deaths.
The Price of Giving Face in China

by - Dr Bob March

This case outlines one Chinese negotiator’s response to the thoughtless, inept negotiating manner of another, and contains valuable...
How NOT to Negotiate in China

by - Dr Bob March

This case study demonstrates how not to negotiate a business contract in China.
The Real Negotiation Problem Issue

This case study shows how two parties can find a successful negotiation resolution by tackling the issues in a creative and mutually ...
Foreign Currency Contract Agreement Risks

This case study reveals the importance of deciding on and making a foreign currency agreement with an international business partner....
Competitive Business Conflict Escalation

This case study shares a story of how irrational competition can cause damage through conflict escalation between competing airline b...
Distributive Negotiation Settlement

This case study shows how most out of court settlements are resolved through a distributive negotiation style.
The Fixed Pie Syndrome in Union Negotiation

This case study shows how a limited fixed pie distributive negotiation style can damage negotiations with labour unions.
Using Mediation for Resolving Disputes

This case study shows how mediation can be more beneficial to a business relationship than other dispute resolution mechanisms.
Negotiation Overconfidence

This case study reveals how overconfidence can negatively affect a negotiation.
The Importance of Business Communications (Japan Negotiation)

A case study that shows how a business relationship can fall apart when communications between the partners are not maintained.
Negotiation Alliances

This case study shows the importance and power of forming alliances within a multi party negotiation.
Third Party Agents

This case study discusses how third party agents can negatively impact our business contracts
Chinese Negotiation Training on Sales Price

by - Dr Bob March

Chinese sales price negotiation and bargaining tactics yields hard knock school of training lessons to foreigners who make costly con...
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