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harvard business essentials - negotiation
Harvard Business Essentials - Negotiation (book review)

by - Michael Watkins

'Negotiation' is part of a series of books produced by the Harvard Business School. This book is well written and uses simple languag...
power and negotiation
Power and Negotiation (book review)

by - I. William Zartmen & Jeffrey Z. Rubin, Editors

This book is the seventh of a series which has been developed and edited by the Program on the Processes of International negotiation...
Practical Ethics: Four Paths to Greater Virtue

by - Frank Bucaro

Negotiation Ethics It is no surprise to me that, in this time of comprised ethics and values, there are an ever increasing number of...
How Time Pressure Affects The Outcome Of A Negotiation

by - Roger Dawson

In Puerto Prince, Haiti, former President Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Senator Sam Nunn were in intense negotiations with Haiti's ...
Negotiation (2nd Edition - book review)

by - Roy J. Lewicki, Joseph A. Littner, John W. Minton, David M. Saunders

Negotiation 2nd Edition is a must read for both the novice and the professional who engages in negotiation. This book is packed with ...
How to Succeed When Working With Tactical Negotiators
How to Succeed When Working With Tactical Negotiators

by - David Wachtel

The top priority that people have in negotiating sessions I teach, is dealing with tactical, positional negotiators. Students will pr...
Ask Clever Questions in Your Negotiations

Do you use and can you tell the various types of negotiation questions apart? How often can you tell when your chain is being pulled,...
Negotiating Foreign Currency Exchange Agreements (Part 2)

The other foreign currency challenge that can cause us to scratch our heads while our faces screw up in a perplexed frown is how to m...