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We hope that business negotiators find what they're searching for in our free resources. This is the next best thing to coming on one of our negotiation seminars.

Integrative Negotiation

Integrative negotiation is often referred to as 'win-win' and typically entails two or more issues to be negotiated. It often involves an agreement process that better integrates the aims and goals of all the involved negotiating parties
Frameworks in Negotiations

Preparing for a negotiation can be equated to a couple coming together to build their dream house. Each will have different ideas and visions,on how the house will be designed. They both want the house, but their interests in what they want to
Negotiation Agent

A person who acts for or in place of another individual or entity as their representative in a negotiation with a third party. An agent, sometimes referred to as a third party agent, has full or limited authority to act on the behalf of the party
Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts

Resolving interpersonal conflicts in the workplace is a healing process often utilized by management, but it is also a powerful tool which is not often made available to front line workers. This can be a costly mistake. Interpersonal conflicts
Negotiating Skills give you options in the Furniture Store

by - Marty Latz

"Let me propose a few options, each of which would be acceptable to us" I said to the furniture store manager in our negotiation. "Either provide us with 80 percent of our money back for the practically unused piece of furniture we purchased,
Improve your Employees' Negotiation Skill Outcomes

by - David Wachtel

If your company is like the majority of companies today, you are looking at the bottom line seeking for ways to improve results. The negotiating skills of your employees control revenues, and have a direct and significant bearing on financial
Public Leverage in Negotiation Outcomes

by - Marty Latz

Seldom does a day go by that I don't read in a newspaper about a high-profile negotiation. Perhaps it is a union picketing when talks break down, or a board of directors attempting to ward off an unwanted merger. It might even entail the possible
Gender Differences in Negotiations

by - Charles B. Craver

In their book Women Don’t Ask (2003), Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever remark that while 57 percent of male Carnegie Mellon graduate business students negotiate their starting salaries, only 7 percent of women do so resulting in male
Dealing With Your Emotions in Negotiations

Many negotiations, due to their nature, can create and foster strong negative emotions. Where individuals meet to primarily promote their self-interests or where the past histories of the parties involved have been coloured by acrimony,
Dispelling Negotiation Myths

by - Henry H. Calero

After Gerard L. Nierenberg authored The Art of Negotiating in 1968. Since then, many books on negotiating followed including the ones I authored or co-authored, Winning the Negotiation, Negotiate the Deal You Want, and The Human Side of Negotiating.
A New ICON for Negotiation Advice

by - Grande Lum and Anthony Wanis-St. John

Finding Agreement in a Negotiation Two decades after the original publication of Getting to YES, by Roger Fisher and William Ury, the conflict resolution classic is still unrivalled in providing a distinct prescriptive framework for turning
Positive & Negative Impact Influences on Negotiation Results

by - Radu Ionescu

Negotiation can be considered a tool that assists parties to obtain an agreement based on their interests. Ultimately however, what we do when we negotiate is to attempt to influence others to accept our way. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes
Authority Limits Tactic

by - Michael Schatzki

Tactics are perhaps one the most significant tools we employ in the negotiating process. But tactics don't often leap out at you while waving their arms and shouting "Here I am, look at me." If they did, the other side would see right through them
Power Negotiation Principles & Techniques

by - Roger Dawson

The manner in how you behave during a negotiation can have a dramatic impact on the outcome. I've been teaching negotiating to business leaders throughout North America since 1982 and I've narrowed this concept down to five fundamental power
Price Negotiation Techniques: How to Ask For More

by - Roger Dawson

One of the most important rules to remember about the concept of Power Negotiating is that you should always ask the other side for more than you expect to get. Rothschild pawn Henry Kissinger had this to say about getting more at the negotiation
Aspirations, Anchoring, and Negotiation Result

by - Charles B. Craver

When people prepare for negotiations, they spend considerable time thinking about the factual issues, the legal doctrines, the economic matters, and anything else they consider relevant. They frequently spend no more than ten to fifteen
Sales Negotiation Process Tips

by - Mike Schatzki

How many times have you heard: "You've got to lower your price by 10% or we will have no choice but to go with your competition." "You will have to give an exception to your policy if you want our business." "I know that you have good quality and service,
Collaborative Negotiation Selling Training

by - Tony Alessandra

Sales Training The world of business has altered and continues to change dramatically and rapidly on a regular basis. Markets have swelled and evolved in size from local to national to global markets. Technology no longer gives any single
Negotiation Blunders: Allowing Yourself to be Double-bracketed

by - Richard G. Halpern

If you're a plaintiff's attorney, you have likely participated in a bracketing-based negotiation at some point in your career. Either side of a negotiation may use bracketing, one of the oldest and most simplistic negotiation ploys. The
How to Negotiate Price for Sales

by - David Wachtel

Two sisters have a single orange. Like two well raised sisters, they decide to divide the orange in half. One sister takes the orange, peels the fruit, takes the rind and cuts it up for use to flavour a pie crust. The other sister takes the fruit,