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Three Reasons Why Negotiators Fail

by - Derrick Chevalier

While volumes have been written on negotiating tactics, techniques, and strategies, relatively little is written on the reasons negot...
HR Leading through Persuasion & Influencing

You might wonder whether you are playing the role of Atlas with all those corporate responsibilities that have been thrust upon your ...
Deceptive Negotiation Gambits and Counter Measures

Not everybody plays the game by the golden rules, and even though we know this self-evident but bold reality as the plain simple trut...
The art and science of negotiation
The Art and Science of Negotiation (book review)

by - Howard Raiffa

The Art and Science of Negotiation takes a novel and bold approach to the negotiation problem from two perspectives. The title itself...
What Every Negotiator Must Know Before they Negotiate

'Ignorance is Bliss' and 'Look before you leap' are old proverbs that occasionally haunt all too many of us. We side step some of our...
Negotiation Success: How To Evaluate & Measure

by - Marty Latz

"How can we evaluate the negotiation ability of our managers, sales people and others who negotiate on behalf of our company?" I was ...
Creative Strategies To Solve Negotiation Problems

'Ideas are the root of creation' Ernest Dimnet We evolved because we were able to stand up and see above the tall, swaying grass. We...
Books: Learning to Negotiate with the Japanese

by - Dr. Bob March

Books on doing business with the Japanese age quickly, because the country itself has always been changing quickly. Facts and statist...
Setting The Climate For A Non-Confrontational Negotiation

by - Roger Dawson

What you utter in the first few moments of a negotiation frequently sets the tone of the negotiation. The other person quickly gets a...
negotiating rationally
Negotiating Rationally (book review)

by - Max Bazerman and Margaret Neale

Negotiating Rationally is exactly what the title purports the book to be about. Written in three parts, each section takes the reader...
The Global Negotiator
The Global Negotiator - Making, Managing, and Mending Deals around the World in the twenty-first Century (book review)

by - Jeswald W. Salacuse

'The Global Negotiator' is a knowledgeable and practical guide for any business that is either considering or already involved with t...
the mind and heart of the negotiator
The Heart and Mind of the Negotiator (book review)

by - Professor Leigh Thompson

The author is a recognized and distinguished Professor of Management and Organizations at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management a...
Negotiate like a Gambler

by - John Di Frances

Knowing When to Walk from a Business Negotiation Most executives delight in upcoming business negotiating sessions with about the sa...
Credibility: 5 Ways To Make People Believe You

by - Roger Dawson

Negotiation Credibility The absolute cornerstone of your ability to persuade, rests largely upon the level of negotiation credibilit...
harvard business essentials - negotiation
Harvard Business Essentials - Negotiation (book review)

by - Michael Watkins

'Negotiation' is part of a series of books produced by the Harvard Business School. This book is well written and uses simple languag...
power and negotiation
Power and Negotiation (book review)

by - I. William Zartmen & Jeffrey Z. Rubin, Editors

This book is the seventh of a series which has been developed and edited by the Program on the Processes of International negotiation...
Practical Ethics: Four Paths to Greater Virtue

by - Frank Bucaro

Negotiation Ethics It is no surprise to me that, in this time of comprised ethics and values, there are an ever increasing number of...
How Time Pressure Affects The Outcome Of A Negotiation

by - Roger Dawson

In Puerto Prince, Haiti, former President Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Senator Sam Nunn were in intense negotiations with Haiti's ...
Negotiation (2nd Edition - book review)

by - Roy J. Lewicki, Joseph A. Littner, John W. Minton, David M. Saunders

Negotiation 2nd Edition is a must read for both the novice and the professional who engages in negotiation. This book is packed with ...
How to Succeed When Working With Tactical Negotiators
How to Succeed When Working With Tactical Negotiators

by - David Wachtel

The top priority that people have in negotiating sessions I teach, is dealing with tactical, positional negotiators. Students will pr...