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Contract Renegotiation with the Chilean Government

In the 1960’s Kennecott (Rio Tinto), a U.S. company, was about to enter into renegotiation over its contract with the government of...
Negotiation Walk Away

Negotiation Walk away is the alternative that a negotiator will act on if they are not successful in a negotiation. A walk away ...
Negotiating with a Power Imbalance

by - Matthew

Whilst integrative negotiation will be generally less effective where there is a significant imbalance in negotiation power between the pa...
Job Offer Negotiation Advice

One of the most exciting experiences we can face in life is the prospect of starting a new job. We can literally feel the buzz as anx...
Mediation Medium
Business Mediation Medium
Enron case
Enron’s Indian Negotiation Debacle

In the early 1990s, the US energy giant Enron, decided it needed to diversify by expanding its growth abroad with emerging countries....
Negotiation ZOPA

An acronym which means a negotiation Zone of Possible Agreement. It is the range or area in which an agreement is satisfactory t...
How do I Negotiate my Job Title

by - Jan

Most business professionals focus on the money and benefits, giving too little attention to their job title. Job titles are useful when it...
Collective Bargaining Union Negotiation

by - Charles B. Craver

Collective bargaining negotiation between labour unions and corporate employers constitute a specialized area in the field of general...
bowing japanese
Japanese Cultural Mistakes
China Australia case
Scientists and Bureaucrats - Orientation Issues

by - Dr Bob March

Overview This case study involves attempts to set up a bilateral scientific research arrangement involving Chinese scientists and Au...
Win-Lose Negotiation

This term refers to a distributive negotiation whereby one party’s gain is another party’s loss. Both parties are competing ...
Japanese Negotiation Silence

by - Kim

You look to be suffering from 2 challenges. Firstly, Japanese Negotiators are famed for putting face saving first - yours and theirs. By c...
Excitement Concessions
Concession Excitement
Gaming in Shanghai

by - Dr Bob March

Overview HyperHawk, one of the world’s major providers of global supply management software and services, helps companies reduce c...
Unanimity Rule

A process often employed in ‘Group’ or ‘Multi Party’ negotiations to reach a decision or agreement by the involved negoti...
Positional Union and Management Negotiators

by - Fred Kline

In the U.S. it's illegal for management to not negotiate past its first offer. From what you've described, it sounds like management are b...
Giving Feedback after a Negotiation
Giving Feedback after a Negotiation

by - Steve Jones

Smart people ask us “How do I give feedback to my colleagues after a negotiation?” This can be a delicate topic, and an area we a...
Beanstalk Jack
Competitive Negotiation
#competitive negotiation
Andorra versus the European Community (EC)

As a vestige of Charlemagne’s Empire, Andorra is a small land locked principality snuggled between France and Spain. Andorra is joi...