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We hope that business negotiators find what they're searching for in our free resources. This is the next best thing to coming on one of our negotiation training courses.

Negotiation Strategy

A pre-determined approach or prepared plan of action to achieve a specific goal or objective to potentially find and make an agreem...
Outsourced Contract Negotiator

by - Jenny

Outsourcing the finding and negotiating of your contracts is akin to outsourcing marketing and sales negotiation. I don't know of any comp...
Facilitated Video Review

Our video reviews have destroyed our Negotiation Experts' egos. Why? No matter how captivating our slides or crafted our words, our f...
BATNA Explained - Best Alternative

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Is an old saying which has stood the test of time. To a negotiator, this wise old proverb il...
Dog Cat If-Then Cartoon
'If-Then' in Negotiation
Trust Building in a Trilateral China Japan Western Negotiation

by - Dr Bob March

Overview This complex, ongoing negotiation involves three countries, each with players who have their own agenda and preferred outco...
Negotiation Styles

The most popular way to divide the typical negotiation styles or approaches are: Competing (or Aggressive), Collaborating (or Coope...
Internal Team Negotiations

by - Gregory

The answer to this question really depends on the situation surrounding the negotiations. Lets explore lesser discussed of the two negotia...
Negotiation Diagnostic Profiling

Would you find it useful to gauge your team or company's areas of negotiation strength and weakness? We will identify whether your gr...
Salary Negotiation: 32 Job Pay Tips

by - Calum Coburn

You're good at what you do, maybe you're an ace. So you're being paid what you're worth, right? See how many of the 32 Salary Negotia...
Pay Rise Negotiation Cartoon
Pay Rise Negotiation
Nepal-india Water Negotiations (Power Asymmetry)
Nepal-India Water Negotiations (Power Asymmetry)

India is 40 times larger in land area than Nepal and India was hungry to meet its increasing electrical power needs. Nepal is one of ...
Win-Win Negotiation

A win-win negotiation settlement is an integrative negotiated agreement. In theory this means the negotiating parties have reached ...
Is Principled Negotiation used in Business?

by - Sibilla Kawala

Most readers may appreciate a short introduction to the phrase 'Principled Negotiation'. 'Principled Negotiation' became known to the worl...
Negotiation Deal Consultancy Services

The Negotiation Experts support clients after the delivery of training. We do this in two ways: Deal consultancy services either ...
top 10 interview questions and answers
Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

by - Phil Baker

Ever clenched your jaw at a tough interview question? If not, its only a matter of time until you do, or you're working for daddy. I ...
Torture negotiation cartoon
Torture Chamber
#negotiation best alternative
Business Expansion Woven From Trust
Business Expansion Woven From Trust

by - Dr Bob March

Another example of someone who fitted in completely with the Chinese is the China trader Paul Winestock, who had been dealing with th...
Negotiation Meeting

Negotiation meetings are typically where most of the deal is negotiated, with business negotiation meetings these days being fac...
Personal Power in Negotiation

by - Farayi

Dealing with power in negotiation should be done with great care. Before using power in any negotiation, be sure to analyse all the possib...