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IMF World Bank Debt Governance and Corruption

by - Justino Schdmit

I read with a knowing smile your words: 'say... they have committed mischief'. For those who invest the time to make themselves knowledgea...
Negotiation styles diagram
Negotiation Styles

by - Calum Coburn

Negotiation Styles Understanding the Five Negotiation Styles People often ask "which is the best negotiation style?" As with much m...
Heavens Gates
Gates of Heaven
Negotiation Game

Many negotiation training courses make use of negotiation games in order to teach their delegates useful principles of negotiation,...
Influencing Decisions in Risk Averse Organisations

by - Alec

Welcome to negotiating internally within the constraints of most risk or loss averse corporate hierarchies. Telling you that you're not al...
Crossed Finger - Do You Know When They’re Lying
Do You Know When They're Lying?

by - Kevin Sawyer

Is lying just a part of negotiation? Recent studies about lying revealed that complete strangers lie to one another at least three ti...
Attack Tactic
Negotiation Tactics
The Cost of Death on Chinese Roads

by - Dr Bob March

Overview Mark Rogers is an English expatriate in Beijing, where he is the finance director of the branch of a U.S. multinational. He...
Principled Negotiation

Principled Negotiation is an interest-based approach to negotiation that focusses primarily on conflict management and conflict res...
Negotiation Contract Bidding Process: Defending your Business

by - Joe

Very often we deal with the problem at hand, never noticing that we've completely missed the 'real' issue. So I suggest that you step back...
What's the Difference Between RFT RFQ RFP RFI?

by - Suki Mhay & Calum Coburn

Clients and newsletter readers have asked that we demystify the meaning behind each of the following procurement terms: RFI, RFQ, RFT...
Shark Threats
Negotiation Ultimatum
#negotiation ultimatum
#negotiation threats
The Panama Canal Negotiations

The successful construction of the Panama Canal was one of the world's great engineering feats. The negotiations to complete and buil...
Negotiation Agenda

A formal agreed upon list of goals to be achieved or items to be discussed in a particular order during a meeting or negotiation. A...
Serving Food at a Negotiation Meeting

by - Christine

Yes, usually serving food is a good idea. Generally speaking, the more informal and less people present, the more collaborative your meeti...
Contract Renegotiation with the Chilean Government

In the 1960’s Kennecott (Rio Tinto), a U.S. company, was about to enter into renegotiation over its contract with the government of...
Negotiation Walk Away

Negotiation Walk away is the alternative that a negotiator will act on if they are not successful in a negotiation. A walk away ...
Negotiating with a Power Imbalance

by - Matthew

Whilst integrative negotiation will be generally less effective where there is a significant imbalance in negotiation power between the pa...
Job Offer Negotiation Advice

One of the most exciting experiences we can face in life is the prospect of starting a new job. We can literally feel the buzz as anx...