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A high level or approach in the amount of risk that a negotiator is prepared to accept in a negotiation.. A negotiator who decid...
Graduate - Top 10 Crucial Rules For College Grad Interview Negotiations
Top 10 Crucial Rules for College Grad Interview Negotiations

by - Calum Coburn

If you're fresh out of college and going for job interviews, chances are you're at a big disadvantage. Why? Your interviewer is likel...
Hard Knocks School
Negotiation School of Hard Knocks
Lehman Leadership Negotiation Rivalry

Many people like to believe that the people in charge of the organizations that employ them are always working as a skillful negotiat...

A low level or approach in the amount of risk that a negotiator is prepared to accept in a negotiation. A negotiator who decides ...
Effective Negotiation Techniques

by - Peter Popovich

Your answer should be in line with the goals that management should aim for in developing any company-wide strategy or vision. Every negot...
international negotiated financial transactions (part 1)
International Forex Currency Risk Agreements (Part 1)

by - Calum Coburn

My Currency or Yours? Billions of Dollars, Euros, Yen, British Pounds and a multitude form of international currency whips around th...
Home Buying Negotiations
Buying Real Estate
Chinese Water Selling Negotiation

by - Dr Bob March

Overview Acqua International (AQ) is a Europe-based multinational company that has interests in water and other environment-related ...
Reservation Price

The reservation price is the least favourable point at which one will accept a negotiated agreement. For example, for a seller this...
Chinese Team Negotiation

by - Jorge

Cross-cultural negotiation requires very detailed preparation on cultural differences. The history of business negotiation shows that many...
Conflict Negotiation: Psychological Dynamics

"It is easier to perceive error than to find the truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies ...
tattoo backfiring
Using Mediation for Resolving Disputes

Companies that find themselves embroiled in a bitter feud over a contract dispute have three options to find a solution. They can lit...
Negotiation Reciprocation

The act of making a similar or like exchange of something in return for something given by one party to another party. In a negotia...
Win Win Negotiation Style for Purchasing

by - Khaled

In every negotiation, no matter if you're buying, selling, solving conflicts or negotiating your salary, there is always something laying ...
What Is Win-Win Negotiation?

by - Steve Roberts

Ever heard someone say that they 'gave away the farm'? Despite our best intentions, we sometimes negotiate too much value away to arr...
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Negotiating with your Kids
How NOT to Negotiate in China

by - Dr Bob March

Overview In 1998 Simon Turner worked for Bassano, a large Australian women's wear company with eighteen retail outlets across Austra...
Negotiation Rapport

Rapport happens across a number of levels. In business, most people associate rapport with matching and mirroring body language. ...