Negotiation Skills Training

We guarantee measurable profit improvements that last long after your negotiation training with The Negotiation Experts. This is because our clients tell us they succeeded through Negotiation Experts training that was relevant to their needs, practical and powerfully reinforced – and they come back to further improve the organisational capability.

The Negotiation Experts use proprietary methods to develop expertise and confidence in clients:
  1. Preparation: our globally proven Value Creation Framework™ (VCF™) guides complete understanding of commercial negotiation needs and explicit planning for desired outcomes.
  2. People: our Negotiation Diagnostic Profile™ identifies strengths and weaknesses in their negotiators and the training is individualised to address these.
  3. Review: customised case studies were powerfully reviewed using video feedback and coaching.
Clients who are serious about their competitive advantage choose to measure their progress and results using our post training profiles, follow up or refresher training and Negotiation Expert support for teams who are negotiating large or complex deals.




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